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About Program is a universal web tool for condominiums, which will allow to reach a new level of condominium service. You will no more need the news and information on the walls of elevator and entrance. It is time for a civilized workstyle; the online platform of will facilitate all this.

The website has been created to regulate the work of the condominium and the resident. The adoption of this new platform will result a partnership between the staff and resident of the condominiums. By joining the system of, every condominium will get an opportunity to create their own page, which will let them actively be in touch with residents, and the residents get their private virtual office on  the website. The staff  of the condominium will no longer have to spend much time on spreading the information, the system will contribute to the automation and improvement of the condominium work. It is possible to send an announcement online.

From now on the residents will be able to see their utility bills and pay online, with the help of the system they will also be able to ask their questions.

The system will allow the staff of the condominium to:

  •  Create and control the residential units of the condominiums
  •  Create and control the list of monthly payments
  •  Receive online payments
  •  Quickly notify about the payments and debts
  •  Facilitate direct contact with residents
  •  Create service advertising platform
  •  Organize online voting
  •  Track the residents’ complaints and suggestions

The system will allow the residents

  • Immediately get notified about the utility payments
  • Make online payments
  • Be in direct contact with the condominium
  • Discuss their questions is a universal web tool for condominiums. It will allow to reach a new level of condominium service

  • Notify the residents about their bills online via Email and SMS
  • See the residents’ payments and debts
  • Send and receive online messages from the residents
  • Track the residents’ complaints and suggestions
  • Organize votings on issues of concern of the condominiums
  • Quickly notify the residents about new services
  • Receive online payments