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Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions

We are happy to welcome you on website (Website). These general terms and conditions (Terms) govern the use of the Website, terms and conditions of registration process and use , the relations between the Website Owner and the users.

The Right Holder of the Website is Nikita Mobile Limited Liability Company, which disposes the rights to use Website by all forms and methods of use which do not contradict the legislation of RA, international conventions and agreements .

These Terms are deemed as an integral part of Contract (hereinafter Contract) of service provision based on the cloud platform.

The definitions and terms which are used in this Terms are interpreted based on the meaning of the given definitions mentioned in Contract.

By accessing the Website, exploring it and registering there, You (Administrator, Inhabitant, Superintendent, any Visitor of the Website) admit that you have read these Terms, you agree to them and accept them,  unconditionally agree to the rules of the Website.

By accepting these Terms shall be presumed that you agree to receive general announcements and advertisements, including text or voice messages via Email, your cell phone, as well as in your Personal office from the Right Holder of the Website.

By accepting these Terms, You warrant that you have all rights, competence and purview that are necessary and sufficient to be registered on the Website and use it.

The legislation of the Republic of Armenia applies to the regulation of the relations arising in the frame of the Website , in case of disputes, the courts of the Republic of Armenia are recognized competent courts.


WEBSITE CHARACTERISTICS is a website that allows the organizations governing the multi-unit buildings, buildings, houses and/or mansions (hereinafter Building), condominiums and other entities (the Administrator) have their personal space, i.e. separate Website and Personal office, as well as the building's inhabitants have a Personal Office, which will let the Inhabitants and the Administrators to use the services of Website in separate way, be in active direct contact with each other at the same time staying/remaining separate from the other users, exchange any kind of information at any time, depending on the services that have been used, fees, regarding the other issues on management of the Building, organize online votings and discussions on any matters/problems of the Building, keep yourself updated on Building news, make payments (pay bills) and more/other.

For making payments within the Website, the payment means is determined by the Right Holder, the relevant information about which is provided on the Website.

Provision of access to the Services

The Right  Holder of the Website creates a Private Office for the Administrator and Inhabitant, as well as creates a separate web page in domain, where xxx is the Administrator’s name or address of the Building aimed to use the Services of Website.

In order to create a Personal Office the Administrator provides the Right Holder with information required by the Contract about him and the Inhabitant by filling in the application form stated by the Contract. After receiving the required information, the Right Holder creates Private Offices for the Administrator and the Inhabitant within the terms specified in the Contract. If a new Inhabitant moves in, the Administrator provides the new Inhabitant’s information to the Right Holder in order to create a Private Office for the new inhabitant. If for any reason any Inhabitant is no longer eligible to access any of the Services provided by the Website, the Administrator shall immediately notify the Right Holder in order to block the Inhabitant’s Private Office.

Available Services and Terms of Their Use

In order to be able to use the Services provided by the Website, the Administrator provides the information sheet to the Right Holder filled in by him and the Inhabitant within the time period determined by the Contract, whereupon the Right Holder gives access to the Services in subdomain by means of Private Office, that the Administrator has selected on the application (while filling in the application form). Through the Website the Administrator can order the following Services:

1.    posting announcements in the “Announcement” section

2.    posting of the bills in the “Payments” section for the services consumed by the Inhabitants

3.    Review of the complaints and suggestions of the Inhabitants, as well as the posting of appropriate information in the “Complaints” section in case of proceeding with those complaints and suggestions

4.    Report of the expenditure of the Administrator in the “Expenditure” section

5.    Service Subscription (elevator repair, cleaning, lighting work, and more) in “Services” section

6.    Posting of Information about the debts of the Inhabitants in the “Debtor” section

7.    Organizing of votings regarding the governing issues of buildings and/or houses in the “Voting” section.

8.    Posting of the information on the consumed services, particularly on the volume  and  accrued debts on the “Payments” section. The information about payments of the services, which have a fixed monthly and do not depend onthe volume of services is automatically generated by the Website.

9.    Adding the information on/about the change of the Inhabitants on the “Apartments” section

10.  Sending Emails, short messages to the Inhabitants via “Apartments” section

After signing the Contract by the Administrator, the information and data provided to the Right Holder for the first time are added to the certain sections of the Website by the Right Holder himself. All further amendments, changes and updates are made solely by the Administrator. After receiving information about every new Inhabitant, the Right Holder creates a Private Office for this Inhabitant in the terms defined by  the Contract.

Through the Private office the following services are available for the Inhabitants:

1.    Information about the Building in “About the Building” section

2.    Ability to view the announcements made by the Administrator or other Inhabitants, as well as make own announcement in the “Announcements” section

3.    Receiving information about the services consumed by him and the price for them through the “Bills” section

4.    Adding suggestions and complaints on the questions they are concerned about in “Complaints and Suggestions” section

5.    Report of the monthly expenditure of the Administrator on the “Expenditure” section

6.    Subscription and Report on household and other services through the “Services” section

7.    Participation in organized votings regarding the Building issues via “Votings” section

8.    Receiving of Information about the Debtors and the amount of the Inhabitants’ debt in the “List of Debtors” section

For any visitor of this Website who is not a Administrator or Inhabitant, the following sections are available on  domain without any right to edit them:

·         About the Project

·         News

·         Services (without subscription possibility)

·         Announcements

·         Subscription Application (are free to fill in and subscribe)

·         Contact Us

Limited access to the Website have public and other service providing operators (Superintendent), who entering the Website are able to add information /about the volume of consumed services, amount subject to payment and any other data on the services provided by them.

Besides the above mentioned services, the Right Holder can to create new services and post information on Website about them. Subscribe to the new services are only allowed those Administrators, who have the appropriate Contract signed with the Right holder, separate subdomain and their Personal office on the Website.

Ethical clauses

Any discussion topics and/or creation or share of the messages and/or announcements and/or graphic, videos and photos or other content and posts and/or additions of any other material and/or performance of any other action are prohibited on the Website if they:

·         in any way contradict the legislation of RA,

·         induce people to violence, aggression or libel and violate the norms of morality, encourage performance of any action that threaten people’s life, health, and safety,

·         contain texts, advertising materials, and illustration, videos, photos/pictures, music or voice influence or other similar resources, aimed to mislead people

·         violate social order, common and national norms of morality,

·         contain offensive expressions towards other people, racial, national, professional, social, age or sex related, ethnic, religious, sacred and language related unacceptable comparisons and images,

·         directly or indirectly insult or shows disrespect towards the National Symbols (Coat of Arms, Flag, National Anthem, National Currency and other),

·         compromise the legal and individual entities, including political and cultural figures, as well as industrial, commercial and other activities, discriminatory distinguish professions, etc.,

·         provoke revolution or unconstitutional actions,

·         are used for spreading state or other secrets protected/ by law,

·         call for war, crimes or other acts prohibited by law,

·         are used for spreading pornography, erotica, horrors scenes, other material that endanger education and development of minors, including posting links on the mentioned topics,

·         propagandize smoking, alcoholism, drugs and drug addiction, trafficking and kidnapping,

·         encourage multi-level marketing and/or network marketing, contain any product or service advertisement, antiadvertisement, any kind of message, including any material that could be interpreted as a pre-election) campaign or political advertisement,

·         fulfil  mass delivery forbidden content (SPAM) ,

·         propagandize national hatred, racism, intolerance, anti-Semitism, nationalism, fascism and other separatist and terrorist actions,

·         violate the intellectual property rights of third parties, contain any kind of non-normative vocabulary, any other (significant) negative words and phrases offending, defaming or otherwise relating to (even hidden or figuratively used) the Users of the Website, Administrators, Moderators, and Right Holders ,

·         spread personal information about the Administrator, Inhabitant, and third party (including, but not limited first name, last name, address, phone number, etc.).

·         collect information about the Inhabitants or other people, including content posted by them, by network automation means,

·         change or containthe, signs and inscriptions distorting appearance and visual design of the Website,

·         distort or deride other companies brands, trademarks, products, services,

·         contain any type of malicious software (malware), code or part of code, create extra load in network, which can damage or interfere with the normal work of the Website, harm the Users of the Website.

Creation of such topics and/or announcements and/or messages and/or subjects and or publication or addition or sharing of such content or such action performance, which is not relevant to the content and context of the Website or relate to such topics and questions, that are out of scope and objectives of the Website, including spreading/sharing political content, campaign aimed at dissemination of information or action performance and other are strongly prohibited.

Please note, that you are registered on Website and use the Services solely at your own risk and Rightholder bears no responsibility for the losses incurred by you or third parties through your or third parties` actions or inactions and for the bringing you to account  by competent organizations according to legislation of RA for above-mentioned actions or inactions, for the consequences of your transactions done via Website.


the Right Holder only moderates The Website .

The Moderator has the exclusive right to determine the correspondence of the actions of the Administrator, Inhabitant or any other user/visitor to the mentioned Terms and has the right at its sole discretion and without a prior notice block the Administrator’s or Inhabitant’s Personal office  or delete the messages, comments, created topics, discussions, votings, photos, and more written/posted by them.  The Website allows the Administrator and Inhabitant to alert the Right Holder by sending a message in case of detecting any unacceptable content or action.

The Right Holder is entitled to post announcements on the Website, use the Inhabitant’s or the Administrator’s announcements in the frame of Contract, to edit or remove any information posted by the Inhabitant or the Administrator, unilaterally edit the Administrator’s or the Inhabitants` Personal offices and the web page provided to the Administrator.

Limitation of Liability of the Right Holder

The Right holder bears non responsibility for the content of data and information posted by the Administrator or the Inhabitant, as well as by itself, for their verity and veracity .

Please note that the received notifications through the Website are not considered to be  official.

The Right Holder is not responsible for the permanent update of the information posted on the Website that are postedprovided by the Administrator, Superintendent, or the Inhabitant.

The Right holder is not responsible for the wrong payments made by You based on the information of Website or through on the Website. If You want to make clarifications and corrections on wrong payments You have made, You may ask thethe payment system by which you made the payments.

The Right holder does not guarantee the confidentiality and security of the data you entered from hacker attacks, SPAM-s and other illegal actions of third parties.

You carry all the consequences of risks of transferring your identification data to third parties.

The Right holder is not responsible for technical or any other temporary interruptions/breakdowns of the Website.

The Administrator shall personally respond to Inhabitants’ complaints and suggestions within the Services provided through the Website, only in case if necessity readdress to the Right holder.

Other Conditions

The Right holder has the right to amend the mentioned Terms at any time, without a prior notice,except the cases of changes of prices of services ordered by the Administrator.

The Website is not an official website of any Governmental or state organization, which means the content of the website is strongly informative and advisory.

The Right holder is is entitled to full or partial transmission of his rights and obligations mentioned by the Contract and these Terms to a third party notifying the Administrator in advance.

This Terms are made in Armenian. If besides Armenian it is also made in other languages, the Armenian version shall prevail.